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Where Fun and Faith Meet

Blast – Kid’s Church

We’re convinced kids church should be fun—because God is fun.

The only Bible story of Jesus’ childhood highlights his family’s annual trip to a festival (party). This celebration was like a week long vacation at Disney. It was a place “where fun and faith meet”.

That’s our kid’s church! BLAST is a really fun place where kids can experience God, enjoy good friendships, and grow in faith.

Faith forms by hearing and doing God’s Word. That’s why we use a strategy called Listen—Learn—Live. Our approach gives kids the opportunity to hear Bible stories, learn the truths and principles, and understand how to live them out. That’s why our name BLAST means more the fun. It’s an acronym for “Bible Learning and

Spiritual Training”.

We realize that God’s way of making authentic disciples is family-focused. We use curriculum that equips parents with everything they need to reinforce what’s being presented each week, along with other essential resources to accomplish their God-given task.


BLAST Minis | 2-3 yrs. (toddler)

We’re here to come alongside parents to help introduce their child to God. With fun play in our safe, clean environment, hearing Bible stories and learning toddler truths about God is what our BLAST Minis program is all about.

BLAST Jr. | 4-5 yrs. (preschooler)

Preschoolers are typically full of energy and questions. Our Blast Jr. program gives kids a balance of our BLAST church experience along with a small group environment that meets their need for activities and attention.

BLAST | Gr.1-4 (elementary)

We love to engage kids’ interests through fun. Spiritual truths and principles are learned by creatively sharing Bible stories in today’s language and trends. Attending Blast will be their favorite hour of the week.

BLAST XL | Gr. 5-7 (preteen)

As kids develop into preteens, their needs change. We accommodate their need for strong relationships with their peers. Our emphasis on small group discussions provides a welcoming circle to share their challenges, with guidance that promotes acceptance and confidence to excel in their relationship with God.

BLAST CAST | Gr. 5-12 (preteen/teen)

Blast programs are creative and performance-driven. Who better to act out in church than the teens! We call them our “cast” as it emphasizes the significant role they play. Teens who participate develop a sense of community, commitment, and confidence by using their talents to serve God.

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Kids Video of The Week


The following is to ensure the safety of families who visit Praise Tabernacle during the COVID-19 crisis.

Policies and Procedures During Covid-19

By entering Praise Tabernacle premises, you are agreeing that you and all attending from your household are in good health and have not traveled within the past 14 days or have been in direct contact with someone exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms. If you or a member of your household are unwell, have cold or influenza, or COVID-19 symptoms, you are expected to enjoy our online ministry /programs instead.

Church Entrance Plan:

– Child(ren) will be checked-in at the top of the stairs attendance area.

– Families are encouraged to remain six feet apart.

– All volunteers/kids receive fever check (<100.4) before entering our Blast rooms.

– Child(ren) will be escorted by a Blast Team volunteer to their room.

– Upon entry, child(ren) are asked to use hand sanitizer.

– Masks are not required.

– No food, drinks, toys are permitted to enter our rooms with the kids.

– After drop-off, parents enter main auditorium entrance to attend service.

 BLAST Jr. / BLAST / BLAST XL Kids  (Elementary – Preteens)

Our BLAST Kids programs are designed to be fun while maintaining physical distancing from specific colored teams.  All fun games and activities will occur within each colored team.

– Maximum kids attendance. (Blast Jr. -12) (Blast – 20)

– Your child will be placed within a colored team.

– The number of children within a team will not exceed 10 kids.

– Once assigned to a team they will not be permitted to change teams.

– Each colored team is spaced throughout the room at least 6-feet apart.

– When needed, a leader from their assigned colored team will walk them to the bathroom area and wait outside the door. Kids will be required to sanitize their hands before re-entering room.

– Snacks will be served in Blast Jr. and Minis at this time.

– All surfaces and shared items are sanitized before and after every program.

BLAST Minis – Pre-School

During this phase we are unable to provide a program for babies under the age of two.

– Maximum kids attendance. (Blast Minis. -12)

– Families with children ages 2-4 will check-in at the top of Blast Minis stairway.

– Once entering room, children are assigned to a specific colored team and will social distance with other teams.

– Masks are not required

– All tables and toys are sanitized on a weekly basis..

Pick Up & Exit

– Parents of Blast Minis are asked to social distance while receiving children at the top of the stairway.

– Kids will be escorted by Blast volunteer at the top of the stairs.

– Once parents have their child/children they are encouraged to exit the building.