Convenient May Never Come

None of us like to be inconvenienced by change. It’s a lot easier to go on with the same routine and simply cover up or ignore problems.

There was a man in the bible by the name of Felix who was a Governor in the Roman Empire, and a preacher crossed his path by the name of Paul, who shared with him about Jesus and his love.

Paul also shared with Felix about a day to come when God would judge all mankind.
Felix was extremely moved by the words of the preacher, but felt at that time in his life he couldn’t change because of his great career, and the opinion of others.

Felix said to the preacher, “I ‘m not ready to give my life to God yet, but when I find a convenient time I will send for you.” | Acts 24:25

The sad part of this story is we never again read anywhere where Felix found a convenient time.

Don’t wait for the right time to consider God in your life.

Now is the time, another convent season may never come your way.

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