Trust in God’s Word

Greetings Everyone,

I have good news, “spring is almost here.” Actually our winter hasn’t been that bad, and PT has experienced the blessings and favor of God.

I love to fly but my wife doesn’t. Every takeoff and landing is always a white-knuckle experience for Molly.

Have you ever flown in an airplane and wondered why a full cup of coffee doesn’t spill when the plane turns?  That’s right, no matter how steep is the banked turn, even if the wings are perpendicular to the ground, coffee won’t spill, a magazine will drop straight to the floor, and stewardesses will walk upright down the aisles as if the plane were level. And unless you are looking out the window, you cannot tell which way the plane is turning, because of inertia.

Pilots, too, are subject to inertia.  When flying through clouds or fog, which prevent them from seeing the horizon, pilots cannot feel the plane’s wings beginning to bank to the left or right. In fact in the early days of flight, pilots followed the myth of instinct: They believed they could feel the turn, and when their planes were accidentally engulfed in fog or clouds, many banked unknowingly into a spiral dive that ended in a crash.

That’s why pilot William Langewiesche writes, “Instinct is worse than useless in the clouds.” To fly through clouds, pilots must rely on instruments like the artificial horizon.  The artificial horizon is a gyroscopically steadied line that stays level with the earth’s surface and unerringly indicates when the wings are banking left or right. The artificial horizon revolutionized flying, but when it was first invented, pilots resisted using it. The biggest problem flyers had was belief. They trusted their feelings more than their instruments.

In the Christian life God’s Word acts as our primary flight instrument.  Our feelings can mislead us, but God’s Word tells us the truth. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6 (nkjv)

Your Friend,

Pastor Allen

About Pastor Allen

Pastor Allen and his wife Molly have been pastoring Praise Tabernacle for over 16 years. Having grown up in Canada as the son of a pastor, he began attending bible college over 30 years ago. Before graduating, he met Molly, his wife of 31 years, at school. Together they have pastored in Canada and Maine before coming to RI. They also have raised two children, Margo and Levi. Levi is now married to his wife Gilannie and they a beautiful child named Gia. As the Rhode Island director of Christians United for Israel, Pastor Allen strongly supports the State of Israel. His strong desire is to encourage people in their faith and to tell unbelievers that God is their friend and not their enemy.