Youth ReDefined

Youth Redefined

For grades 6th thru 12th

We are intentional about forming meaningful and lasting relationships with our youth.

Our mission is to help this generation learn how to seek the Father’s heart, find their identity in Christ.

Then help assist them through discipleship and mentorship to learn what it looks like to deny themselves, pick up their cross and follow Jesus.

What your child will learn at Youth REDefined:

WORD of God > Not to just be a hearer, but ALSO A DOER of the Word.

WORSHIP > To be unshame in worship, as well as learn what a life of worship to Jesus looks like.

DISCIPLESHIP > They have opportunities to be discipled, as well as learn to be a TEACHABLE disciple.

SERVANTHOOD > They will learn how to lead by serving and serve with their passion for Jesus.

We meet every Wednesday Nights at 7PM

We are constantly changing up our services from week to week, so that your youth learns the Word of God and presence of God in different methods. We change things up so that all may be reached, no matter what their teaching method is. We are intentional with what we do so your youth never gets bored or gets too familiar with the things of God.

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