Dear Friends,

One of the most important keys in living a successful life is learning the principles behind FAITHFULNESS. We live in a generation, which has basically forgotten the principles of FAITHFULNESS.

People are not FAITHFUL to their SPOUSE.

People are not FAITHFUL to their COUNTRY.

People are not FAITHFUL to their EMPLOYER.

People are not FAITHFUL to their CHILDREN.

People are not FAITHFUL to their CHURCH.

People are not FAITHFUL to their MINISTRIES.

People are not FAITHFUL in their GIVING.

People are not FAITHFUL to their FRIENDS.

People have forgotten LOYALTIES and COMMITMENT. Paul admonished Timothy, “For this reason, I ask you to keep using the gift God gave you. It came to you when I laid my hands on you and prayed that God would use you.” (2 Timothy 1:6 nlv)

Sometimes people forget those who helped them along, in their walk with God, financially, in a time of sickness, mentoring, or even ordaining them into the ministry.

Timothy was a young man in danger of deviating from his call and losing his destiny. So Paul reminded him of the past. Never forget your past. Remember the things the Spirit has shown you. Remember the people who prayed for you when your marriage was a mess, when you lost your job, when your faith was weak. Remember the people who stood with you, when nobody else would.

Most people are UNFAITHFUL because they forget about the past. I will never forget my dad. He was not just my dad; he was my Pastor, and mentor. It was my dad who laid hands on me when I was ordained into the ministry. He shared his heart of ministry with me, and poured a wealth of wisdom and knowledge into my life! I will always honor him.

A few weeks ago I had lunch with the Vice President of the college I went to. He was not at the college when I was there; he was a pastor at that time. He was a pastor that gave me a chance to preach at his church several times after I graduated. I thanked him for that opportunity the other day. What you remember determines your FAITHFULNESS.

If you are UNFAITHFUL it is often because you have forgotten where your gifts and vision came from and who helped you fan the flames. A few years ago someone told me they didn’t have much use for Pastor Tommy Barnett and they had questions about his ministry. My response to that was, “Tommy Barnett is my friend. Years ago he preached for my dad, who loved Tommy Barnett. Tommy Barnett ate in my dad’s home. He and his family have been instrumental in my ministry and the lives of my children for many years!”

You see I refuse to listen to mindless gossip about my friends – it’s called FAITHFULNESS. Remember who stirred your gifts up! Remember who imparted wisdom to you! Remember those who helped you along in life and in ministry.

Your Friend,

Pastor Allen

About Pastor Allen

Pastor Allen and his wife Molly have been pastoring Praise Tabernacle for over 16 years. Having grown up in Canada as the son of a pastor, he began attending bible college over 30 years ago. Before graduating, he met Molly, his wife of 31 years, at school. Together they have pastored in Canada and Maine before coming to RI. They also have raised two children, Margo and Levi. Levi is now married to his wife Gilannie and they a beautiful child named Gia. As the Rhode Island director of Christians United for Israel, Pastor Allen strongly supports the State of Israel. His strong desire is to encourage people in their faith and to tell unbelievers that God is their friend and not their enemy.