Do It As Unto The Lord

Do It As Unto The Lord
by David Marquard

Our God is a wonderful God! He is always aware of our activities and not just in a negative sense. When I grew up, there was a familiar refrain, “God’s watching you!”, and it was never said with a positive tone. The perspective was, if you’re doing something bad, God will know it and “Git you!” Listen folks, if God wanted to “Git you,” you’d already be got!

No, our God is not looking for ways to catch us doing something wrong. He is looking for ways to show us His grace and mercy. That is why He sent Jesus to the cross!

Paul admonishes us, “Whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men” (Colossians 3:23 NKJV). This simply means that, when we walk through this life being children of God, we should have a good attitude in all things. We should work as unto God, avoiding bad attitudes, and always as having a good spirit in all our activities. Whether it is working for a challenging boss, doing an unpleasant job around the house for your spouse, changing dirty diapers or cleaning toilets, our spirit and attitude should always be pleasant and engaging, kind and gracious.

Approach the difficult tasks in this life with the perspective that we are working as unto the Lord, knowing that He does see all that we do and knowing that a joyful countenance is reflective of the divine nature. When you serve others, whether they are kind or mean, show them the nature of Christ that dwells within you. Smile, and do it as unto the Lord!

About David Marquard

Pastor David received the Lord as a young married man in 1976, and, after serving for a number of years in various capacities as a lay leader in his church, he left the business world and entered pastoral ministry in 1994. He was ordained in December of 1995 as an associate pastor of Faith Christian Center in Seekonk, MA where he took over as senior pastor in 2000. In 2010, Pastor David and his wife Ann began a new church work in North Smithfield, RI, which was known as Impact Church. In 2015 Impact Church merged with Praise Tabernacle of Cranston, RI and became a satellite location of Praise Tabernacle. Pastor David believes strongly in the power God’s Word has to positively change lives and equip people to make a difference in the world around them. With his supportive wife of 42 years they have raised three children and have three grandchildren. They currently reside in Lincoln, RI and are both lifelong RI residents.

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